The ABCs of Fostering Vocations

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The ABCs of Fostering Vocations

A. Ask a young person if they have ever considered a vocation to religious life or the priesthood.

B. Bring your children and grandchildren to Mass.

C. Cheer on the seminarians and men and women in religious formation that are from your parish/diocese.

D. Donate to organizations that promote and foster vocations.

E. Encourage a young person to share their gifts and talents by volunteering at the local parish.

F. Fight the urge to be disheartened by the “lack of vocations” and trust in God’s Providence.

G. Guide young people to pray that they might know God’s dream for their life.

H. Help a young person to see that they are precious.

I. Include being a priest, religious brother, or sister in your hopes and dreams for any young people you know.

J. Join the local Serra Club or another organization that is dedicated to supporting vocations in the Church.

K. Keep an eye open for news stories that present priests, brothers, and sisters in a positive light!

L. Let your children and grandchildren know that you would support them in considering a vocation.

M. Make promoting and fostering vocations a priority in your life.

N. Name the gifts that you see in a young person. Tell them why you think they would make a good priest, brother, or sister.

O. Open your home to a priest, brother, or sister. Invite them to share a meal with your family.

P. Pray for vocations to religious life and the priesthood.

Q. Quiz a young person about Bible stories that are about people hearing God’s call.

R. Remember those priests, brothers, and sisters who have had an impact on your life and offer a prayer for them.

S. Support vocation ministries and activities in your area.

T. Talk positively about vocations.

U. Untangle any confusion a young person might have when it comes to vocations within the Church.

V. Visit a monastery or convent or take a trip to a seminary. Give young people a chance to see where and how men and women are living out their vocations.

W. Witness to your own vocation. Whether you are married, single, a priest, or a vowed religious, share your vocation story with young people.

X Y Z. Even though this is the end of the list, remember that there is no end to the ways we can promote and

foster vocations!

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