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Buying the Field  (Pathways:  Fall, 2008)
Building on a Rock  (Pathways:  Advent, 2008)
Wisdom’s House  (Pathways:  Lent, 2009)
Completing the Work  (Pathways:  Summer, 2009)

She Built My Diocese  (Pathways:  Advent, 2009)
The Cabin in Maryglade  (Pathways:  Fall, 2009)
The Case of the Kidnapped Nun (Pathways:  Lent, 2010)
The Sacred Heart Shrine (Pathways:  Fall, 2010)
The Last Pioneer – Sister Leona Michlitch 1869-1966 (Pathways:  Advent, 2010)
The Tekakwitha Shrine (Pathways:  Lent, 2011)
The Bell Benedict  (Pathways:  Advent, 2011)
Let’s Start a College!  (Pathways: Lent, 2012)
Finding Buried Treasure (Pathways:  Summer, 2012)
Gone But Not Forgotten (Pathways:  Fall, 2012)
Up on the Farm (Pathways: Advent, 2012)
The Best of Times and the Worst of Times (Pathways: Lent, 2013)
St. Gertrudes’s School of Art and Crafts (Pathways: Summer, 2013)
Stanbrook Hall High School (Pathways: Fall, 2013)
The First Schools in Duluth – Part 1 (Pathways: Summer, 2014)
The First Schools in Duluth, Part 2 (Pathways: Fall, 2014)
The Monastery Crucifix (Pathways: Lent, 2016)
Echoes from The Past (Pathways: Summer, 2016)
Memories of Catholic Grade School Years (Pathways: Summer, 2016)
The Summer Express (Pathways: Advent, 2016)
Lake Placid: A Place of Peace (Pathways: Advent, 2016)
Mother Scholastica’s Essays (Pathways: Lent, 2017)
Sister Timothy’s Prison Ministry (Pathways: Lent, 2017)
“I Remember When..”: Sisters’ Favorite Stories (Pathways: Fall, 2017)
Sister Victorine’s Lifelong Impact on Her Students (Pathways: Fall, 2017)
Remembering: Waverly House (Pathways: Advent, 2014)
The Sisters and the Bishops (Pathways: Lent, 2015)
Early Ministries of the Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery (Pathways: Fall, 2015)
To Chile and Back (Pathways: Advent, 2015)

Another World  (Pathways:  Summer, 2005)

“Before all, and above all, attention shall be paid to the care of the sick, so that they shall be served as if they were Christ Himself.”
–St. Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict