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Icon of Mary Magdalen, Apostle to the Apostles by +Sister Mary Charles McGough

St. Scholastica Monastery holds copyright for our art, images, photographs, text, and icons. Please follow this policy when requesting the reproduction and use of these materials.

One-Time Use Permission

Request a one-time use of the material from the Prioress through the Monastery’s Public Relations Office at 218-723-6536 or You can also email us by clicking on the button below.

Preserving the Integrity of the Art
Art, icons, photographs, videos, and written materials may not be changed in color or design from the original without permission from the Prioress through the Monastery Public Relations Office. We are concerned that the original integrity of the work be preserved.


Acknowledging Artist and Writers
Art, icons, photographs, videos, and written materials should be credited with the copyright symbol, St. Scholastica Monastery, Duluth, Minnesota, and give the name of the artist or author or photographer. The precise words will be discussed when individuals or institutions ask permission to use materials. A sample might read:

Icon of St. Mary Magdalen
Written by +Sister Mary Charles McGough, OSB
© St. Scholastica Monastery
Duluth, Minnesota

Thank you for contacting St. Scholastica Monastery Public Relations Office for permission to reproduce Monastery art and text.

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