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Personalize It

It is a mistake to think that God’s works and mighty deeds were only done in ancient times. Likewise, it is a mistake to think that God only does great things in the lives of the Saints and only has an intimate relationship with Mystics. God’s mighty works and deeds are for all of us!

As beloved children of God, He is and wants to be intimately involved in our lives. Never doubt your worth. Never think that the words found in Scripture are not for you. God created you to play an important role in His ongoing story of creation and love. 

So, the next time you read the Psalms or one of Jesus’s parables, personalize it. Imagine yourself in the story, put your name in the words. When you hear the stories of the Saints, think about your own story. Recall all the works and mighty deeds God has done for you. The God of glory and compassion, the One who created you and sustains the world is your God, too! Don’t be afraid to personalize a relationship with Him!  


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“Our greatest fulfillment lies in giving ourselves to others.”
–Henri Nouwen