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National Vocations Awareness Week

Know Your Vocation

      Having set aside for another year the joyful sentiments of the Christmas season, Holy Mother Church turns our attention to the adult life of Jesus by focusing on His baptism and its meaning for all of humanity, especially for those who would follow Him.  Fittingly, in this Year of Faith, the American Catholic bishops have proclaimed the week beginning with the feast of the Baptism of our Lord as National Vocation Awareness Week. 

      Surely it is a week for all Christians to ponder the greatness of their calling, for by Christ’s acceptance of baptism by water and being consecrated by the Holy Spirit, all who are baptized in His name receive the same approval of the Holy Spirit and are called to spread God’s love throughout the world. During this week everyone needs to reflect on his or her unique mission to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth and to pray for the graces to fulfill that calling.

    And there will always be a need for those who will go beyond the universal call to holiness and give their entire lives to furthering Christ’s mission on earth.  During this week let us each focus on our own vocation but also pray for and encourage someone being called to follow Christ’s total dedication to the Father. On a practical note, we might encourage someone to attend a women’s Weekend Discernment Retreat at St. Scholastica Monastery from February 8-10 to learn what following a religious vocation means.  See the description following.

St. Scholastica Monastery
Duluth, Minnesota
February 8-10, 2013

     In John’s Gospel (1:38-39) Jesus answers two disciples who had been following Him and asked where He was dwelling by saying, “Come and you will see.” 

     Single, Catholic women ages 18-45 who are pondering how they might follow Jesus more closely are invited to “Come and see” life within a Benedictine monastery.   The weekend provides an opportunity to meet, live, and pray  with women who have devoted their lives to serving God and His people by following the Rule of St. Benedict.  The weekend begins with Evening Prayer on Friday evening, February 8 and concludes at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 10 with brunch following Eucharist on the Feast of St. Scholastica.

     The “retreat” is informative, including sessions on prayer, discernment, the meaning of the vows, the various forms of consecrated life, plus the opportunity to visit with Sisters, ask questions, and enjoy the Monastery campus.  There is no charge for the retreat but registration by February 6 is required.  

     For more information or to register, contact Sister Mary Catherine at 218-723-6646 or at   Plan for an enjoyable weekend with no pressure put upon you. We would love to meet you.

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