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Benet Hall Celebrates Heritage Day

Sister Annella Wagner led prayers for the pioneer SistersDuring afternoon prayers on Friday, July 22, the Sisters residing on Benet Hall, joined by many other Community Sisters, prayed for the two groups of Benedictine women who in July, 1852, with great courage and great faith made the journey from St. Walburg Priory, Eichstatt, to New York, and in 1892 traveled from St. Benedict’s Convent, St. Joseph, Minnesota, to Duluth to establish a new community. Sister Annella Wagner read out several of their names at a time and the Sisters responded, “Women of God accept our praise — Women of God teach us to Love.” After prayers the Sisters enjoyed socializing and special snacks and coffee.  Some discussed the Pioneer Sisters they had personnally known. 

  Sisters socialized over donuts, chips, fruit, and coffee   Sisters discussed pioneer Sisters they had known

 Remembering Our HeritageIf you are interested in reading more about the Sisters whose faith, courage, and sacrifices developed the foundations of this Monastery, click here to go to our History subsection which is in the Community menu section.

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