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An Update from Sister Gaudensia

For all those who contributed to Sister Gaudensia’s Tanzania Project, here is a recently received update (email, July 1) from Sister Gaudensia.  We quote:

. . . We decided to drill our own borehole water [well] to use for the
construction because buying water will be more expensive.  The water
will be also used for the school.  We will buy a pump to pump the
water from the borehole to the water tank.  We are going to be done
this week.  Next week we will start the construction [of the school].

These are pictures on how we are drilling water from the ground. . . .

Some of our readers may not know who Sister Gaudensia is.  For those who don’t, Sister Gaudensia Mwanyika is a Benedictine Sister at St. Gertrud Convent in Imiliwaha, Tanzania, East Africa; it is one of our Twinning Communities.

She came to our monastery several years ago to earn her B.A. in Educational Studies from The College of St. Scholastica; she stayed on for an M.Ed.  During her studies, she developed a dream of building a school near her monastery which would educate handicapped children.  When brought to fruition, she thinks it will be the first such school in Tanzania.

Sister Gaudensia is not just a dreamer.  She is able to do the hard physical labor as well as the complex planning and coordination to make a project like this come to pass. 

Molding a brickPulling a Brick

Rows for Setting

Many bricks, one at a time








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