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An Acrostic Psalm


My Acrostic Attempt.

An acrostic is a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, message, or the alphabet. Did you know there are acrostics in the Bible? I’ve been taught that part of Lamentations is written as an acrostic as is Proverbs 31. Several of the Psalms are also written in this style.

I thought I would give this a try. Here is my acrostic attempt at writing a wisdom Psalm.

Blessed is the person who trusts in God,
‘Cuz they show strength
Despite the ups and downs in life.
Everyone is welcomed and graced by God.
Forgetful and sinful people do not accept God’s blessing.
Good people are open to God’s gifts.

Happy the person who credits God for all good gifts.
Intelligence, health, and wealth come from God.
Justice and peace reign.
Knowledge and strength are bestowed on the faithful.
Love of God and awe of God’s strength are signs of wisdom.

Many the people blessed by God.
Not all realize God as the source of blessings,
Only the righteous can see this.

People of all ages have been blessed by God,
Queens and kings, presidents and prime-ministers,
Regular folk working nine to five, together all the righteous
Sing the praises of a gracious God.

To be happy is to respect God.
Understanding one’s place in creation and
Valuing God’s Will lead to blessings.
Women and men, boys and girls praise the Wisdom of God!

Xylophones and bells will chime to proclaim that
Yahweh is God of all the earth!
Zealous and righteous people all bless the Lord!






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