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03/03/10 – Joint Lenten Vespers

LentenJointService_Sancturary in Purple

On Tuesday, March 2, the St. Scholastica Community of Sisters, friends, and faculty, staff, and students of The College of St. Scholastica gathered in Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel for Joint Lenten Vespers.  

LentenJointService_Were You There

The opening hymn “Were You There” followed by Mark’s Gospel of the Passion set the tone. There was also a call to change our hearts in a personal, as well as a global manner through our works of justice and peace.

Monastery Contemporary Group
singing “Change Our Hearts”
Monastery Contemporary Group singing "Change Our Hearts"

The recessional hymn was “Jesus, Remember Me.” This service helped us to more fully enter into our Lenten journey with Christ from death to new life.

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