Stanbrook Reunion celebrated at the Monastery

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Stanbrook Reunion celebrated at the Monastery

On July 25, a warm Saturday afternoon, the Sisters welcomed graduates from the Community’s Stanbrook Hall, a young woman’s academy that prepared high school students for college from 1938 to 1967.

The Class of 1965 were especially welcomed as they celebrated their 50th reunion together. Alumnae from 1941 to 1967 filled the dining room with joyful laughter as they brought each other up to date on their lives and remembered when they were teenagers.  


Stanbrook Class of 1957


Stanbrook Class of 1965


Lynn Johnston and Sister Pauline Micke


Sister Marie Therese Poliquin and Rosemary Agnew, Class of 1943


Mary Powers Jaap, class of 1956 and Lowayne Powers Flewell, class of 1941


Stanbrook Reunion Tea

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