St. James Catholic School Spring Concert 2013

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St. James Catholic School Spring Concert 2013

If you’ve lived in Duluth or know someone who has, then you probably know it has been an exceptionally long and snowy winter.  Given the very long and snowy winter we have had, any sign of spring is most welcome.  And so it was with great relish that we gathered on  a Tuesday evening in May  at St. James Church.  With a bit of snow still on the ground outside, inside were the colors and sounds of glorious spring!  The church was full with family, friends, and children of all ages.  Arrayed in pinks, yellows blues, and greens, the children reminded us of just how wonderful God’s creation truly is. 

After a brief welcome from Principal Bill Van Loh and the prayer “Come, Holy Spirit” led by Fr. Jim Bissonette, we were regaled by the preschool and Kindergarten classes with such songs as “I Am part of God’s Creation”’ and “In the Beginning.” 

Art by Students

We then listened as the 1first and second grade classes sang “If I Were a Butterfly” (with delightful hand motions) and “Canticle of the Sun,” among other songs. 

Then the third grade celebrated creation by singing songs such as “Shout for Joy Loud and Long” and “All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir.” 

The fourth and fifth grade classes entertained us with “Many and Great, O God” (from the Dakota Hymnal), and “Psalm 121” – in Hebrew! 


Sister Dorene and two of St. James singers

The middle school celebrated creation with songs including “O Sifuni Mungu” (All Creatures of our God and King) and “Let All Creation Bless the Lord of Love.”

And to top it all off, the program cover was a montage of colorful drawings by the second grade class, part of each student’s individual drawing contributing to the whole.

A fitting metaphor for life, for we each contribute our part to the tapestry that is God’s creation.

Happy Spring, Duluth!




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