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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

It’s spring-cleaning time again. Time to clean the garage, move furniture, clean the winter dust out of corners, empty closets, give away unneeded items, and put everything back together sparkling and fresh for the summer.

Every spring at the monastery, we clean our big garage under the building.  Over the winter, it fills with road salt, grime and everything that drips from underneath the cars. Stiff brushes and scrapers take most of it off before it damages the concrete, and masks keep it out of lungs. Then it is hosed out and the runoff flows down the drive.

In our lives, also, it’s time to do some spring-cleaning. Get rid of unwanted baggage you’ve been holding onto: old resentments and hurt feelings, unresolved arguments from 20 years ago, stubborn attachments to the faded past that rob you of new experiences today.  Get rid of anything that stands between you and God: always wanting your own way, envy of others’ accomplishments, corrosive anger that eats away at the soul, over-attachment to things, and pride, that deadliest of sins.

Let a refreshing breeze blow through your soul, then ask God, “What will we do together?”




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