Six Sisters Celebrate Golden Jubilee of Profession

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Six Sisters Celebrate Golden Jubilee of Profession

On Saturday, July 20, six Sisters celebrated their Golden Jubilee with the Rite of Renewal of Vowed Monastic Profession.  Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel was filled with Community members, friends, and families who came to celebrate with them:

Golden Jubilarians in Gathering Place of Chapel
Back row – Sister Jeanne Ann Weber and Sister Arlene Kleemann. Front row: Sister Susan Fortier, Sister Luella Wegscheid, Sister Judith Oland, and Sister Renata Liegey

Each read aloud her profession formula and signed it.  After Sister Lois signed each of them, the Sisters then together sang the responsorial Suscipe.

Sisters:               Receive me, O Lord, according to your word and I shall live, and do not fail me in my hope.

All:                      We have received, O Lord, your mercy in the midst of your temple.

They repeated this three times and concluded with the Glory Be to God prayer.

As Prioress Sister Lois presented them to the congregation, they were vigorously applauded and affirmed for their fifty years – thus far – of Benedictine monastic profession. 

Father Kevin Gordon presided at the Eucharist and said during his homily that these Sisters had done so much for the spreading of Christ’s message simply by carrying the title of Benedictine Sister and faithfully living their call. 

The Sisters thank those who have supported them for these fifty years and ask for continued prayers for their ongoing Benedictine ministries and monastic way of life.


Photos by Sister Lisa Maurer, OSB.




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