Sisters’ Response to Tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand

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Sisters’ Response to Tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand

The Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery are deeply saddened by the tragedy that has occurred in the mosques of Christchurch, New Zealand. We join our voices with those of so many others offering prayerful support for our Muslim brothers and sisters, for those killed, for the injured, their families and friends, and for those caring for all affected by this traumatic violence both in Christchurch and around the world.

As Benedictines committed to peace, we recognize that prayer is the catalyst to action and ask that all who value the non-violent path hear the voices of those affected calling for an end to gun violence, the regulation of firearms, and the monitoring and control of messages of hate. We call on leaders who have the power and authority to make these changes to do so now so that this type of violence may never occur again.

Peace, Salaam.

Sister Beverly Raway, Prioress                 
St. Scholastica Monastery        


Gun violence

Please read the statement by the Conference of Benedictine Prioresses on Gun Violence 





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