Sister Mary Sarto Celebrates Her Nintieth Birthday

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Sister Mary Sarto Celebrates Her Nintieth Birthday

Sister Mary Sarto celebrated her 90th birthday on March 13 this year and received the blessings and cheer of all those who attended her special birthday party in Benet Hall.

A gentle and soft-spoken woman who loves to laugh, Sister Mary Sarto wore a giant daisy on her sweater vest and had a smile and chuckle ready for everyone.

Someone gave her a box of truffles which she opened right away, tasted, and happily nodded her approval.  At her elbow was box to hold all her cards.

Prioress Sister Lois Eckes began the party by leading all in the traditional singing of “Happy Birthday” and then she listed the jobs and tasks Sister Mary Sarto had taken on during most of her ninety years as a Benedictine Sister of St. Scholastica Monastery. Sister Mary Sarto sat listening with a thoughtful expression, seemingly in awe of the many items on that list.

Sister Lois once more asked us to join together to sing “Edelweiss,” a favorite song of Sister Mary’s.  It was a moment of camaraderie and shared grace which moved everyone to applaud when they finished.

Then, of course, a beautifully decorated cake was cut to pieces and distributed with coffee and the option of ice cream to the guest of honor and all her delighted guests.

Sister Mary Sarto, Happy Ninetieth Birthday and may you bloom and grow forever!




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