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Sister Lisa – Monastery Time

The Path of Time Passing

 Monastery Time is different from real time.

When I think that I am beginning my fourth year at the Monastery, I can hardly believe it.  I am amazed time and time again how my days are filled with so much – so much of God’s goodness, the love of my Sisters and the joy of life.  Monastery Time seems to have its own pace and its own rhythm. 

Orange and Red Flame-out

Some people would venture to guess that Monastery Time would drag on and on, full of boring days and endless nights.  I find it to be the opposite.  Living in the life and love of God and fulfilling my Benedictine vocation leaves the hands of my watch spinning, the pages of my calendar flipping, and the seasons flying. 

Blue-sky_wooden fence_autumn-colors

The rhythm and consistency of Monastery Time is a gift that enables me to enjoy life and give my all in whatever way I am called, knowing that I am rooted and grounded.  Monastery Time is a mixture of contemplation and activity, fueled by liturgical and personal prayer, with time for silence and solitude, a life balanced by work, study, and leisure. 

Made-you-look Yellow

I love Monastery Time…just wish it didn’t pass so quickly!

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