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Sister Lisa Maurer – The Lord is My Coach

On a glorious fall Saturday afternoon I attended a Saint Scholastica football game.  I fully enjoyed being in the crowd, cheering for the Saints, and basking in the excitement of athletic competition. 

At a College of St. Scholastica football game
At a College of St. Scholastica Football Game
While at the game I was flooded with memories of my “glory days” as a player and a coach.  I also recalled a junior high religion assignment I was once given.  We were asked to rewrite the 23rd Psalm, putting it in language to which we could relate.  (After all, there weren’t too many of us who had seen an actual shepherd at work.)  We were asked to think of a profession and recreate The Lord is my Shepherd in that light. As far as I can recollect I wrote something a little like this…The Lord is my Coach, I shall not lose;           He makes me play on sports field,          He leads me to the arena.          He gives me confidence.He leads me in the right plays           for our team’s sake.Even though I play against tough foes          I fear no defeat; for you are at my side           with your whistle and clipboard;          they inspire me. You prepare the game plan before me          in the presence of my opponents.You grant me a team jersey,          my pride overflows.Surely teamwork and victory shall follow           me all the games of the seasonAnd I shall dwell in the land of champions           my whole life long.

Sister Lisa  

Sister Lisa Maurer

Sister Lisa Maurer was born and lived in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, before entering the Monastery, She taught and coached in Catholic Schools within the New Ulm Diocese.  Sister Lisa made her first Monastic Profession in August 2009.  She currently ministers at the parishes of St. Lawrence and St. Joseph in Duluth.

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