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Sister Lisa Maurer – Spring Is Rushing In!

I find it kinda cool that in the Northland all aspects of this spring truly seem to be coinciding with the coming of Easter.  Just as we who are coming to the end of our Lenten journey are looking forward to the glory of the Resurrection, the earth is groaning to bring forth hope, renewal, and new life.

 Rushing In

This year, like no other year, I feel the earth aching to burst forth with life.  Or, maybe it is that I, more than ever, am yearning and longing to see and feel spring!On a recent walk through Chester Park my spring fever came to a peak.  The coming of spring was palpable.  I saw ducks and buds, the last of the melting snow and green sprigs, along with children playing and joggers jogging.  But the most obvious and strongest sign of spring was the Chester River.  It was full and flowing, loud and powerful.  It was shouting out, “Spring is rushing in!”

 Water Rushing In

So, even though the temperature this weekend might not show it, spring is here.  The calendar states it!   The full river announces it!  The Liturgical Season proclaims it! 

Spring Rushing In!

Spring is rushing in!

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