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Sister Lisa Maurer – Family

Sister Lisa's grandmother, center, visiting at Monastery

Sometime ago I invited you to ask questions about my life here at the Monastery and you responded with many good and probing questions.  Every now and again I will address your inquiries.  Today I am going to tackle the question, “What is it like living apart from family?”In all honesty I have to say that I’ve never felt closer to my family.  Through phone calls, letters, emails and contact on Facebook I am able to stay in touch.  I’ve noticed that our conversations and correspondence have reached a depth that doesn’t always happen with face to face constant contact.  “I love you” seems to flow freely and sincerely across the miles.My religious vocation has made me a member of another family.  As a Sister at St. Scholastica I have added to my family-family…it now includes my Benedictine family!  It has been my blessed privilege to see my two families interact and get to know one another.  My family-family has always been welcomed at the Monastery.  It has been a joy to bring my family-family into my home and watch them get to know my Sisters.

Sister Lisa on the day she entered the Noviate-August 2008

Recently I have had a profound experience of family.  My 85-year-old grandmother died on November 12th and Dad, after living with ALS for seven and a half years, died on November 20th.  My monastic Community supported my family and me through our sorrow.  Even though Minnesota’s winter weather prevented my Sisters from being with us, we were strengthened and consoled by their prayerful support and loving concern.  And I continue to be held up by Sisters as I grieve and grow in grace.I am so blessed to be a part of two wonderful families.  I pray that God will continue to bless all of them that they may be happy, healthy and holy!

“The family is one of God’s masterpieces.”

—George Santayana



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