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Sister Jeanne Ann Weber – Sorting Through the Options


Each day there are a variety of options before us such as:   Should I keep this sweater or donate it to Goodwill?  Should I throw these Christmas cards away or keep them?  Should I get up and pray or stay in bed awhile longer?  Should I speak to someone who has offended me or avoid them?  So many choices . . . some big, some small.  How does one know what to do?Here the gift of discernment comes to play – sorting through the options – listening and seeing what is God’s will, what is God’s plan in this situation, which isn’t always my will.  A primary component of discernment is prayer, asking for an openness of heart and ear in order to more fully move to the point of being so free as only to do God’s will.  Sometimes when we think of God’s will, we think this only means doing hard and difficult things, and sometimes that may be the case. Yet only in God is our restlessness sated and true peace and meaning found.Recently I’ve been pondering some of the Gospels used at the Eucharist.  They are about Jesus calling his apostles–the call to us all to follow him in holiness, love, and justice through various states of life.  This was the theme of the recent National Vocation Awareness Week.  Since my vocation is to our Benedictine Monastic way of life, that has been my focus.Are you sorting through the options of your life?  Do you feel God is calling you to the consecrated life?  If so, it is important to continue to pray, to discern, to talk to those who could be helpful to you, and to visit religious communities.  Know you are always welcome to visit at St. Scholastica Monastery! 


Sister Jeanne Ann Weber

Sister Jeanne Ann Weber is Director of Liturgy. She has experience as a teacher, advocate for women and children, giving retreats and spiritual direction. She is a member of the Shalom Spiritual Direction Training Program at the Monastery.See all of Sister Jeanne Ann’s posts.


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“And let them first pray together, that so they may associate in peace.”
–St. Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict