Rite of Affirmation of Sister Lois Eckes’ Re-election

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Rite of Affirmation of Sister Lois Eckes’ Re-election

In the Rite of Affirmation of Re-election, Sister Lois agreed to continue to carry out the duties of the office of Prioress for an additional four years, to encourage the Community to live the Gospel, to be faithful to our monastic traditions, to care for the poor, the stranger and our whole human family, as well as to care for Mother Earth. Sister Linda Soler of our federation council prayed that God would fulfill all her desires and give her every good grace. The Community affirmed this with a prayer.

Community members, with raised hands,
sang a blessing over Sister Lois.

Sister Lois called forth her staff who agreed to dedicate themselves to the service of the Community.

Each Community member was commissioned
to her ministry for the upcoming year.

The closing hymn was Benedictine Saints.  The last line asked that God would strengthen us to live our faith and to bring our world to God’s new day.

 The Community sings the hymn
“Benedictine Saints.”

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