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Questions and More Questions

Surely at one time or another, you have been held captive by the nonstop questions of a little one. Good and constant questioning is demonstrated time and time again by curious toddlers. As children grow, they realize that there are so many wonderful things around them, and thus these questions are a way of finding out more and more.

Speaking of questions, have you ever noticed that in the Gospels Jesus asks more questions than he answers? I read once that he asks more than three hundred questions and yet he gives direct answers to only a few. I wonder why… When I ask questions, it is because I do not know the answer. That can’t be true for Jesus. He is the answer!

So maybe Jesus asks so many questions to show us that questions are good. He is modeling for us the struggle, the wondering, the thinking that leads to deep faith. He is showing us that our faith is not found readily with simple stock answers. It is found in the understanding and believing that only comes with questioning, imagining and pondering. It is in questioning and seeking that we find the answers that get to the heart of the matter.

So, ask the Holy Spirit to help you ask the questions. Ask for the trust to accept the answers, even if they lead to more questions.

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  1. I remember constantly asking questions as a young child, but at some point I stopped. Perhaps as I grew older I was afraid to reveal my ignorance to others. But I know I need never fear asking God my questions, who always is ready to listen and to respond through the world around me and through that still voice in prayer.

  2. Asking the questions comes more naturally for me as it probably does for most people. Accepting the answers or just trusting and living with the questions is more difficult as I strive to be grateful and joy filled in God’s presence daily -especially during this pandemic. Thank you for this reflection, S. Lisa.

  3. Very interesting that Jesus asked so many questions, but gave so few answers! I think you’re right that He wants us to keep asking and searching for answers. ????. (When a young man close to me, that you know, was just a little boy, he’d always ask us “why” questions. We would try to give a good answer, and he would ask “why” again. We would give an answer, and he would continue with his “why’s “ until we just answered “Because!” Then he would quit. I think he’s still asking!). ***Thank for sharing these thoughts!!

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–St. Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict