Pontooning on the St. Lewis River

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Pontooning on the St. Lewis River

On June 25, 2013 I took Sister Cecile and Sister Mary Clare out for a pontoon boat ride. The ride was sponsored by the organization “Let’s Go Fishing with Seniors.”

I am Tammy Morse and this was my first excursion with Sisters as the Activities Director of Benet Hall.  And it could not have gone any better!  The Sisters enjoyed it all, from the van ride to boarding the pontoon at Spirit Lake Marina.  They were forever smiling and laughing.

  Sister Mary Clare

  Tammy and Sister Cecile

The cruise lasted two hours on the St. Louis River and we toured from Riverside to Canal Park.  Sister Mary Clare and Sister Cecile had a great time socializing and sightseeing.  The Let’s-Go-Fishing-with-Seniors volunteers were exceptional—and they kept us entertained as an added bonus.  Sister Cecile appreciated the First Mate’s booming voice that was so easily heard and understood.

I think we were all a little disappointed when the cruise ended with the pontoon docking at the Marina.  But the enjoyment of the cruise stayed with us like a good hug.




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