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Paradoxes of Christmas

Monsignor Charles Pope published his blog “Paradoxes of Christmas” on the web site of the Archdiocese of Washington on December 21, 2011. After reading it one wonders how the whole of nature didn’t join in the joyous singing of the angels.  A heavenly impossibility, unthinkable, and incomprehensible!   A very big WOW! moment in the eons of time and space.  What a significant expression of power and grace and unflinching love for fallen creation from God that night! Here is a small excerpt from that blog to encourage you to read the whole:

. . . There are many paradoxes and seeming impossibilities in the incarnation. . . .

As we approach Christmas I would like to list some of the paradoxes of Christmas.  I want to say as little of them as possible, just enough to make the paradox clear.  This paucity of words, not common with me, is in reverence to the mystery and also to invite your own reflection. 

The Infinite One becomes an infant.

 An antiphon for the Christmas season says, How can we find words to praise your dignity O Virgin Mary, for he whom the very heavens cannot contain, you carried in your womb. . . .

An old Latin Carol (in Dulci Jublio) says, Alpha et O, Matris in Gremio –’Alpha and Omega, sitting in mommy’s lap’ . . .

He to whom all things in heaven and on earth belong, is born in poverty and neediness.  . . .

 He who is the Bread of Life is born in Bethlehem (House of Bread) and lies in a feeding trough (manger). 

 . . .

To read the whole of Msgr. Pope’s reflection click the link above. 

And have a blessed Christmas season!

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