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It Does Matter

Lake Superior

This past week we celebrated the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. You know, those great giants of our faith. Peter, the rock upon whom the Church was built and Paul, the one who encountered the Risen Christ on the road to Damascus (no horse included). Their yeses to God changed the course of history.

As much as I enjoy celebrating the great Saints of our faith, I always come back to the same question. What does it matter? Oh, I am not questioning the lives of the Saints. I am questioning myself. How does what I do matter? I am never going to be as heroic as Paul chained up in a prison cell. I will never baptize thousands like Peter. So, I am left to ask, how does it matter what I do?

Now before you chide me, I know it is a silly question. But yet I ask it. 

I know God can use any of us, even me, to bring about His Kingdom. The examples of the Saints are not meant to discourage us but encourage us! They show how our individual yeses equip us to participate in the building of the Kingdom here on earth. 

As I said, I may not be called to do things like Peter and Paul once did. But, I don’t need to and neither do you. Their work is already done. Now it is my turn and it is your turn. Each and every one of us has our own unique talents that God asks us to share. God is giving us our unique opportunities to make a difference.

Turns out it does matter! 






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