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I wonder, if Google had been around in Biblical times, would Thomas had said, “Unless I can Google it, I will not believe.” That might be a crazy statement but think about it. We live in a culture that loves facts and we are accustomed to satisfying our curiosities with ease. Information is quick to find. We Google everything. Just the other day I wondered did that guy really eat 76 hotdogs in ten minutes on the Fourth of July. To satisfy my doubting curiosity, I Googled it. Yep, he did. And now I believe it.

I am not sure Thomas would have been satisfied to simply read an internet headline like I did. I wasn’t really invested in the truth of the hotdog record. But Thomas was invested in the truth of the Resurrection. I think one of the reasons Thomas was so set on seeing Jesus for himself, rather than taking the Apostles’ word, was that he had a personal relationship with him. Jesus, to Thomas, was not just some guy he sort-of knew. Thomas wasn’t just looking to satisfy his curiosity. His longing to believe was deeper than fact gathering. It was bigger than curiosity.

Believing as a Christian, according to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, “is not found in an intellectual system, a collection of dogmas or a moralism. Christianity is an encounter, a love story; it is an event.” Thomas knew that. Does Google?

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  1. Love, it, Sister Lisa! Yes, Thomas was ‘invested’ in the resurrection because of his intimate relationship with Jesus. The first century equivalent of Googling was not enough. Just as we rightly take online news with a grain of salt, so Thomas questioned the story of his emotionally charged friends until he could discover for himself whether it was true. Doubt is good.

  2. I love these thoughts! We are “guilty of Googling” here in our house quite often to “know” more about things! What a great thought that Thomas wasn’t such a doubter, but he had such a close relationship with Jesus that he really needed to know. Wow! Thank you again, Sr. Lisa!

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