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CSS Centennial Kickoff Begins with Prayer of Blessing

Sister Lois Eckes, PrioressOn Thursday, January 26,  the College of St. Scholastica held the kick-off for is its year-long centennial celebration of the founding of the College in 1912 by the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery.  Sister Lois Eckes, Prioress of the St. Scholastica Monastic Community began the hour-long jubilant gathering with prayer.  The festivities also included entertainment by the CSS Drum Line, a presentation by the Sisters of the Monastery, and speeches by President Larry Goodwin and representatives from the college community. 

Opening Prayer for The College of St. ScholasticaCentennial Kick-Off CelebrationBy Sister Lois Eckes, Prioress, St. Scholastica Monastery
O God, whose love for us is both ancient and ever new; it is you who has fashioned the sacred dream of the College of St. Scholastica.  It is your Divine grace that filled Mother Scholastica with the vision, the energy, and the leadership to lay the groundwork for the founding of our College 100 years ago.  It is your lavish love that has brought us to this momentous moment in time.

As we officially begin our centennial celebration:

  • We ask your gracious blessing that our College will always be true to its mission and a catalyst for the ongoing transformation of our world! 

[All]   Vivat, vivat, CSS!

  • We ask your gracious blessing that our Benedictine values of community, hospitality, respect, stewardship, and love of learning will inspire us all to be Scholastica “cor et anima” – heart and soul! 

[All]   Vivat, vivat, CSS!

  • We ask your gracious blessing that our College motto “Omnes semitae ejus pacificae” (All her paths are peace.) will be a holy light illuminating our path as we journey together as a spiritual community of life-long learners and lovers of all that is true and good and beautiful! 

[All]  Vivat, vivat, CSS!

  • An finally, O God of goodness beyond measure, we ask your gracious blessing on this glorious year of giving thanks, celebrating 100 years of the steadfast faith, resilient hope, enduring love, and stalwart dedication which infused and continues to infuse the hearts of all who are part of our Dream unfolding within The College of St. Scholastica.  May we be a lamp in which your light continues to brilliantly shine so that in all things you may be glorified as we reach out and touch the world with your life, your love, and your healing presence. 

[All]  Vivat, vivat, CSS!

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