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Annual Rhubarb Festival

The Duluth flooding in June spoiled a huge cache of rhubarb that was awaiting last minute harvest so volunteer bakers could bake their fresh pies for the 2012 Rhubarb Festival.  But when the call went out to the gardeners of Duluth for clean, freshly picked stalks, the Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery, who sponsor CHUM  (Churches United in Ministry), were among the many who rose to the occasion.  And the cummulative result was stacks of rhubarb pies that lined the walls of the indoor snack area where visitors on Saturday enjoyed coffee and a-la-mode with their slices.

Sisters work to harvest rhubarb for festival.   Cleaning the rhubarb for festival pies

After-drizzles from the torrential rains were not able to dampen the spirits of the many visitors who came to enjoy the treasures that made up the Rhubarb Festival.  The silent auction offered, among other items, a picnic ensemble, the necessities for an Italian dinner, a dried flower arrangement, and art work, which were donated by Sisters of  St. Scholastica Monastery.  Sisters joined the many who turned out to defy the weather to enjoy music and song, crafts, games, and contests.  In the indoor snack area, more “rhuby” morsels joined the many varieties of pie for sale.

Sisters Sarah O'Malley and Joyce Fornier   Sister Maria Volk holding her dried flower arrangement she donated for auction.
   Rhubarb BlessingBecause we gather rhubarbMore people can be fedMore people go to sleep withA roof over their heads.Our rhubarb stands for justiceNot just for you and IWe chop and bake so all might haveA fair share of the pie.This rhubarb brings us closerTo true communityFor when we work togetherWe set each other free.We share this common effortWe share his common callThe gifts that we’ve been givenAre for the good of all.(Printed with permission from CHUM)  
Rhubarb Blessing Song
Reverend Greg Garmer led the prayer of thanks, and he was joined by Kevin Wash, who wrote the lyrics, and Steve O'Neill and all the people gathered inside, to sing the particularly apt Rhubarb Blessing song.
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