2011 Rhubarb Festival

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2011 Rhubarb Festival

St. Scholastica Monastery partners with CHUM (Churches United in Ministry) having forty interfaith churches as members.  The organization works together to provide basic necessities, foster stable lives, and organize for a just and compassionate community.The Monastery sponsors a huge fundraiser, the Rhubarb Festival, an annual event, along with other events and services.

Sister Maria Volk with candles made by Sister Mary Josephine
Sister Maria Volk stands next to a donation, candles made by Sister Mary Josephine.
Benedictine Associates, volunteers Yodit Gidey and Deb Waite posing with Rhubarbara
Benedictine Associates, volunteers Yodit Gidey and Deb Waite posing with Rhubarbara.

This seventh year,  again, visitors to the Rhubarb Festival found much to engage them:  games, crafts, music, stage shows, and tantalizing rhubarb-based  concoctions and delicacies.  Ever try rhubarb lemonade?



RhuBarbara strolled around the festival exchanging hugs and posing with visitors for photos.  There were activities for all ages and as well as stage entertainment.

 Children painted their faces or enjoyed crafts and games. Adults participated in a smart phone scavenger hunt; watched the Iron Chef Contest; or enjoyed rhubarb brats or hunks of rhubarb pie.  A silent auction including some items from Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery took place as well.  Questions about growing and using rhubarb were answered and cookbooks were for sale.

Rhubarb Festival-early morning
Early birds on Rhubarb Festival Day

 And best of all, Mother Nature provided a beautiful day!

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