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Volunteers Appreciation Dinner 2016

The reaction of the audience to one of Sister Barbara Higgins jokes

On April 12, 2016, Monastery hosted the annual Volunteers Appreciation Dinner. It was outstandingly a happy and enjoyable time.  Rockhurst Dining Room was filled by volunteers and guests and Sisters enjoying a delicious dinner and and some very special entertainment.

Sister Barbara Higgins acted as MC for the Volunteer Dinner 2016Several volunteers were awarded years-in-service pins by Sister Beverly Raway and Mary Tanner:

– Deborah Jackson received a Five Year pin.
 – Therese Campbell, Mary Bridget Lawson, Kris Ketelson, and Mary Ann Connoly received 10 year pins.
– Jude Colins received a 15 year pin.
 -Becky Urbanski and Scott Junkert received 25 year pins. 

Sister Barbara Higgins (right) acted as MC and relished telling her jokes as much as the audience enjoyed hearing them.

Two women spoke to the volunteers. Shelly Robie spoke about Pat English who died in November of last year, recalling her life and work. She was a valued volunteer for many years.  Kirsten Ryden talked about Duluth’s Senior Corp RSVP, the service it provides for seniors, and the valued work the seniors do for Duluth.


The Two Harbor Ukulele Group playing at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2016

And the THUGS were the entertainment for the evening.  That’s Two Harbors Ukulele Group. Sixteen members came to play their unique instruments and sing.  The audience joined in for many of the songs, and a couple daring pairs from the audience got up and danced to the familiar and lively music. 

The Monastery’s Volunteers Co-Coordinators are Kathy Noble and Mary Tanner.  We thank them for an extraordinary evening.  

Our volunteers do all kinds of work which support the Sisters.  They are helpers at the information desk, drivers for Sisters to appointments and errands, Eucharistic ministers, office assistants, Books and Gift Shop keepers, companions for Sisters in Benet Hall, gardeners, musicians, even sometimes actors, and much more. 

We appreciate them all and thank them from our hearts!




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