Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2012

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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2012

The annual volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held on Tuesday, April 17, with 50 guests attending.  The theme was roses and it carried throughout. 

 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

 The following pins were awarded: 

Five years:           Gary Sundre, driver
                                     Marianne Connelly, music
                                     Bridget Lawson, music

Ten years:            Pam Christensen, gardener
                                     Pat English, Benet Hall

Twenty years:   Pat Gentry, Benet Hall
                                      Lillian Horvath, Benet Hall
                                      Scott Junkert, music
                                      Beck Urbanski, music

We are so grateful for all our volunteers who gave us a total of 2,311 hours of service this year.

 Iain MacGillivray provided music and song

Iain MacGillivray, who graduates this year from The College of St. Scholastica, played music and several songs on different instruments, all native to Scotland, his homeland.  For the fourth year in a row he led the volunteers from the Chapel to the Dining Room playing his bagpipe, always a thrill.

 Build your house upon a rock!

Several Sisters provided the entertainment with their singing of “Sandyland,” a song about building your house upon a rock.  The Sisters wore hard hats and work belts and carried hand tools such as shovels, saws, levels, and hammers, and they were a big hit.  Sister Lois closed the program with a thank you to Sister Mary Rae Higgins, Director of Volunteers, for planning the event.



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