Valentine’s Day in Benet Hall

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Valentine’s Day in Benet Hall

Valentine’s Day in Benet Hall at St. Scholastica Monastery is truly a special day.  The Sisters of Benet Hall spend weeks in preparation.  The Craft Group prepares a Valentine’s Day treats bag for each Sister living on Benet Hall.  They also make special Valentines and deliver them to their Benet Hall Sisters to be given by them to staff and friends.  The Valentine bags are placed in front of the nurses station and filled with candies and treats.  The staff and Sisters enjoy writing “love notes” and notes of thanks to each other.

Row of Valentine Treat Bags
A Valentine bag of treats for each Sister in Benet Hall
 The Valentines are opened during the Valentine’s Day party.  Each Sister receives her own decorated bag of Valentines and treats.  The celebration of love continues with a special dessert served at the party.  This year, the Sisters enjoyed Chocolate Lava Cake! 


Sisters Agnes Sitter and Margaret Marincel -Valentines Day
Sister Agnes Sitter and Sister Margaret Marincel enjoying Valentine's Day treats and cards.
After their snack, the Sisters like to read the Valentines from staff and friends.  The support and love they feel always brings a smile!

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