Two Confessions and an Apology

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Two Confessions and an Apology

Confession Number One: I sometimes use reading glasses.
Confession Number Two: I have not prayed to St. Anthony

The other morning, I lost my reading glasses. After doing my lectio and spiritual reading, I carried my books and glasses to the chapel for morning prayer, as my usual custom. After prayer I had a few things to do before returning to my room. When I went to put my books away I noticed that my reading glasses were missing. I was sure that they had to be somewhere obvious so I calmly retraced my steps. I checked the chapel and my reading spot, scanning the floor as I went and they were nowhere to be found.

As I confessed, I have never been much of a “help me St. Anthony, I have lost something type of a person.” As a last resort to find my glasses, I called upon St. Anthony with the prayer I learned in childhood. Tony, Tony turn around. Something lost must be found.

Later that day I walked into an office only to over hear one Sister tell another, “Funny thing, the florist dropped off a pair of reading glasses that they found in the box of used vases and flower pots that we returned to his shop this morning.” (My glasses must had slipped off my pile of books when I passed by that box earlier in the day.)

And now for the apology. Sorry, St. Anthony. I will never doubt you again.

St. Anthony…pray for us.

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“And let them first pray together, that so they may associate in peace.”
–St. Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict