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What are we to do with the Holy Spirt? We have been given the Spirit by Christ. We know it is a great gift. But, what are we to do with the Spirit?

The Holy Spirit seems foreign to us. It is the most mysterious member of the Holy Trinity. We can imagine and relate to the Father as an Old Man with a beard and the Son as a Babe in the manger. But, when we try to visualize the Holy Spirit we use imagines of wind, fire and breath. Thinking of the Spirit as a dove doesn’t do much to help us relate. So, just what are we to do with the Holy Spirit?

Try this…

  1. Take Notes – Daily write down all the inspirations and inclinations that you have in prayer. Act upon these motivations of the Holy Spirit with promptness, confidence and generosity.
  2. Talk about the Spirit – Use the name of the Holy Spirit in your day-to-day conversations. Just as you would talk about God the Father and God the Son, talk about God the Spirit.
  3. Act with Confidence – You have been given the gift of the Spirit. Live like it! Trust in spite of the confusion of the present and uncertainty of the future. Hope by breaking away from having to see the ideal outcomes in events and believe that God’s purposes will be fulfilled.

Come Holy Spirit, fill my heart with your grace and enkindle in me the fire of your love.

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“Listen carefully, my child, to your master's precepts, and incline the ear of your heart. Receive willingly and carry out effectively your loving father's advice, that by the labor of obedience you may return to Him from whom you had departed by the sloth of disobedience.”
–St. Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict