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Sister Theresa Spinler, friend of the earth.
Photo by Sister Jeanne Ann Weber

Good stewardship has been a Benedictine value for over 1500 years.  St. Benedict reminds us to respect the common things of daily life and by extension, our natural world.  In this picture you see Sister Teri bringing bagged flower stems, leaves, branches, etc.  from the garden in order to be recycled.  She reminds our Community of ways we can be better stewards of our earth and minimize our carbon footprint. 

I don’t think often enough about the water I use, the lights I unnecessarily leave on, the things that I maybe don’t need to purchase, picking up a glass cup instead of a paper or styrofoam one, using our recycling containers for paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic, hanging some of my clothes on hangers or a rack to dry instead of using the dryer, using rechargeable batteries, reusable bags for shopping etc. etc.

There is much wisdom in the saying “Reduce, reuse, and recycle.”   The future of our planet is dependent upon it!  We are stewards of the earth and the many gifts and blessings we have received from God.  If everyone did their part, we could together make a difference.



Sister Jeanne Ann Weber

Sister Jeanne Ann Weber is Director of Liturgy. She has experience as a teacher, advocate for women and children, giving retreats and spiritual direction. She is a member of the Shalom Spiritual Direction Training Program at the Monastery.




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“Our greatest fulfillment lies in giving ourselves to others.”
–Henri Nouwen