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St. Scholastica Monastery Vocations Duluth, Fundraiser

St. Scholastica Monastery Vocations, Duluth 
Fundraiser for 

The Scheduled Giving period for Give to the Max Day 2016 is underway! All gifts made using through November 16 will be scheduled to process on November 17!



                  Help us invite 
                  the next generation
                  of Benedictine Sisters into religious life.



In these times of rapid change, our friends wonder: “What will become of the Sisters?” Fifty years ago, decades of unprecedented growth in the number of vowed religious came to an end. Now religious orders are engaged in re-founding. We must listen to the needs of today’s Church and world, and discover new ways to respond.

St. Scholastica Monastery is expanding its use of social media to reach the Millennial generation where they live: on their mobile devices. We recently celebrated our 1000th Twitter follower; our Facebook page is not far behind. Now it’s time to focus our message, make use of social media advertising, and branch out further.  Our Sisters need up-to-date skills and equipment to create the content that will inform and invite women to explore monastic life.

Your donations help us undertake this important initiative to assure Click here for GiveMN | St. Scholastica Monasterythe continuation of Benedictine life in the 21st century.








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