St. Scholastica Monastery endorses the Catholic Climate Declaration

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St. Scholastica Monastery endorses the Catholic Climate Declaration

by Sister Therese Carson

In June 2018, St. Scholastica Monastery endorsed the Catholic Climate Declaration as a public expression of support in solidarity with the Catholic community in the United States for action to address climate change.


The Declaration:

• Reflects the Church’s long-standing moral basis for the care of God’s creation, as integral to our care for the life and dignity of all people in our one human family.

• Calls for action on climate change, which threatens our common home and future, and impacts our poor and vulnerable neighbors the most.

• Is an act in prayerful solidarity with the We Are Still In campaign, the largest and most diverse coalition of organizations across American civil society, calling for climate action and U.S. participation in the Paris Agreement.

• Is organized by Catholic Climate Covenant and supported by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


With the Catholic Climate Declaration, the U.S. Catholic community:

• Demonstrates faithful commitment to climate action, consistent with Catholic social teaching that calls upon us to care for our poor and vulnerable neighbors, and to care for creation, so that all people may thrive.

• Articulates the most significant expression of support for climate action by the Catholic Church in the United States since Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’ in 2015. The Catholic Climate Covenant will announce the number of declaration signatories on June 18, 2018, the third anniversary of Laudato Si’.

You can go the website listed below for more information about the Declaration:


This text adapted and used with permission from the Catholic Climate Covenant.

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