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Something Old, Something New

We were looking for a new chalice for the Monastery.  It was suggested that we check the archives. Indeed, a beautiful chalice was found. There was a note in the old carrying case written by a former archivist.  It said that this chalice was made in 1896, the year of the golden wedding anniversary of P. J. (Peter Joseph) and A. M. (Anna Margaret) Kerst, the parents of Mother Scholastica who was the foundress of our Community.  We do not know whether the Kersts themselves had it made and then gave it to the Community, or whether Mother Scholastica and her blood sister, Sister Alexia had it made in their parent’s honor.


The chalice was recently refurbished and the hand inscription at the base of the chalice reads:   “P.J. and A.M. Kerst

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