Sister Ramona Receives an Unusual Gift

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Sister Ramona Receives an Unusual Gift

During the recent Christmas season, Sister Ramona Ewen found a very big gift waiting for her.  It was heavy and awkward, and sending out an enticing tendril of goodness, well-being, and happy wishes from the tight folds of the package.  It was from Ernestine, mother of a well-known CSS professor, David Anstett, and also from his sister Jayne Nelson.  What ever could it be?

Worlds Largest Bar
Well, it was chocolate!  A lot of chocolate!  A very big bar of luscious milk chocolate!  In fact the wrapper declared it to be the largest size bar of chocolate in the world!  And it was the biggest velvety brown bar of scrumptious chocolate any Sister did ever receive!  Sister Ramona must have thought she was already in heaven.

 Cant Stop Smiling
Sharing the Wrapper with Friends

But Sister Ramona is a very good soul and Sister.  So after the thrill and excitement of opening the wonderfully oversized and delightful gift, she made sure that Sister Paule Pierre and Sister Luella cut the bar into decorous pieces which were than shared with her Community Sisters.  Well yes, of course, she enjoyed her own share of the goodies  – a few times.

We think:  what a creative way to honor a friend who is a Sister—just as long as it doesn’t become, well, a habit.

Plenty for every chocolate lover

This is a happy story, with no moral, but with a satisfying end!

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