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Sister Ministry: Sharing Laughter and Lightness of Heart

Sister Barbara Higgins returned to Duluth after many years on mission in Phoenix, Arizona. She brings a bit of the desert sunshine in her joyful disposition, reflecting the warmth of God’s love in her heart. She is a wonderful actor and humorist. Last spring she entertained everyone in mime as Al Jolson singing Swanee.

“I began miming in class at Cathedral High School in Duluth, sitting in the back in Sister Eucharista’s class and imitating classical music. In a talent show I mimed Figaro and it took off from there. Now I bring laughter to senior communities and nursing homes and to my own Sisters.

 “Life taught me to laugh at myself, and this gentle comedy helps others also take themselves less seriously. When we respond with joy to the ordinary, we see everything is holy. We learn to lean on God, accept limitations and see them as blessings, and live life more fully in God’s love.”


“Where they are religious, there is joy. God is able to fill our hearts to the brim with happiness. In the midst of troubles, discover perfect joy, for it is here that we learn to recognize the face of Christ.”

Pope Frances


Sister Barbara Higgins as Al Jolson singing Swanee


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