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Sister Lisa Maurer – Where do you find beauty?

I can’t believe the fall we are having in the Northland!  It is so beautiful!  Everywhere you look God’s handiwork is unfolding, sometimes exploding, in color and glory!


Blue Sky over Autumn
Autumn under Blue Sky - photos by Blogger
One can find a small slice of heaven in a simple walk through the woods.  The views and vistas need not be grand.  You can find beauty anywhere!  I wish these words and photos could capture authentically the sights, smells, and sounds of this autumn wonderland.  I wish my keyboard and camera could express what my heart and soul want to sing. The cool thing is, discovering God’s grandeur is not limited to the woods.  In the Monastery I see beauty everywhere.  It is in the artwork on the walls, in the holy peace of the Adoration Chapel, and I definitely see beauty in each of my Sisters.  You can find beauty in a lazy afternoon, a homemade loaf of bread, or in the smooth swing of a Joe Mauer stand-up double.
Leaves Fallen
Leaves Fallen

 So I ask you, where do you find beauty?

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