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Sister Lisa Maurer – What to Pray

". . . It's an opportunity to communicate with Him, enjoy His presence, and hear His voice..." Donnell Duncan; image from there are times when I sit down to pray and I wonder what to pray.  I know I have the Psalms and endless books of prayer at the ready but I am talking about my personal prayer, my conversation with God.  My thoughts are not always deep and poignant.  The things that occupy my day-to-day life are hardly earth-shattering and my concerns do not always seem prayer-worthy.

I sometimes muse that God has “bigger fish to fry.”  After all there are world-wide issues of war and sickness, natural disasters and poverty.  There are billions of people in the world, so why do I think that God wants to hear about my little life.  Isn’t that silly of me?  How untrusting for me to think that God can’t be bothered by me.

When I turn to God in prayer it doesn’t bother Him or distract Him.  But it is something God wants—an open invitation to grow close.  Prayer is a way of starting a conversation and building our relationship.  The what to pray is not the issue.  It’s the coming to God that is important. 

I don’t have to be a fascinating conversationalist.  I don’t even have to report about anything new or fascinating.  Anything and everything is pray-able.  Pray is found everywhere and in everything.  Prayer is honesty and gratitude.  Prayer is praise and struggle.  Sometimes prayer is just sitting with God in friendly silence. 

It turns out that it is more important that I pray . . . than worry about what to pray!

The Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness;

for we do not know how to pray as we ought,

but the Spirit itself intercedes.  Romans 8:26





Sister Lisa Maurer  

Sister Lisa Maurer

Sister Lisa Maurer was born and raised in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Before entering the Monastery, she taught and coached in Catholic Schools within the New Ulm Diocese. Sister Lisa made her first Monastic Profession in August 2009 and on July 11, 2012, she made her Perpetual Profession. Her first ministry was working at the parishes of St. Lawrence and St. Joseph in Duluth. Currently she is the Mission Integration Manager of the Benedictine Health System. See all of Sister Lisa’s posts.


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“And let them first pray together, that so they may associate in peace.”
–St. Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict