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Sister Lisa Maurer – Looking for the Sonrise

Lately I cannot get enough of the sunrise.  In the past weeks I have taken more photos of the daybreak than I have in my whole life.  Maybe it is that I wake early in the morning and I appreciate the light and the lengthening days; maybe it is that my daily commute begins traversing to the east; or maybe it is that my office window has a great view of Lake Superior and the morning sun. Whatever it is I find myself, day after day, looking for the sunrise.

March sunrise early morning

The break of day and the colors of the morning sky draw me in, brighten my heart and bring me to thoughts of God.  I think Psalm 19 sums it up best. “The heavens are telling the glory of God!”  (Ps.19:1) 


What a great thing to remember as I continue journeying through this Lenten season!  I need to constantly look into the sunshine and stay focused on Jesus. 

Thrilling Sunrise

Hey, maybe we all need to be looking for the sonrise!

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