Sister Agnes Sitter Celebrates 90th Birthday

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Sister Agnes Sitter Celebrates 90th Birthday

Cards and then CARDS!Sister Agnes Sitter celebrated her 90th birthday surrounded by her Benedictine Community and friends.  Although she says, “turning 90 is no different than any other birthday,” she is grateful for the opportunity to celebrate with her Sisters, family, and friends.  During the first week in August her niece Patty and friends Ardis, Beverly, and Lorraine came to celebrate with Sister Agnes and Sister Victorine.  They had a great time!



Sister Agnes and sister Sister Victorine

Sister Agnes grew up in Berwick, ND where, on a clear day, you CAN see forever.  She is the third child in a family of four and we all know that Sister Victorine is also one of the four.  Growing up, Sister Agnes enjoyed helping at her father’s General Store and Car Dealership.  She especially enjoyed delivering gasoline to farmers with her brother Frank.  When Frank was not able to continue this, Sister Agnes took over. [Sisters Agnes-left-and Sister Victorine Sitter]

Birthday Party Balloons



Jesus’ call to “Let the little children come to Me” came early to Sister Agnes when in her senior year of high school she was encouraged by the principal to take the State Teacher Exams and passed with flying colors.  She spent two years teaching in a local one-room school before joining our Benedictine Community.  Sister Agnes taught for a total of forty-eight years with the majority of those years in First Grade.  Her years with God’s little ones hold many wonderful memories.  Many of her former students still keep in touch with her.



Sister Agnes returned to the Monastery in 1998 and has found it “good to be back with the Community.”  She assisted Sister Annella Wagner on Benet Hall for several years.  She now enjoys having more time for herself but still manages to keep quite busy.  We wish God’s blessings on Sister Agnes and we are grateful for her many years of service to our Benedictine Community and to the myriad of people whose lives she blessed.

God bless you, Sister Agnes!

Written by
 Sister Mary Rochefort and
Sister Clare Marie Trettel

Photos by
Sister Kathleen Del Monte

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