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Shalom Reunion

Shalom Reunion

Recent Shalom Spiritual Direction graduates had a reunion on October 8, 2016 at the Monastery. All were happy to see each other and missing those who could not attend, because of various commitments, including Linnea who is on pilgrimage in Spain following the El Camino Santiago.

2016 Shalom Reunion

We started with a prayer reflection on the season of autumn – letting go and acceptance, as well as the richness and beauty that this season holds. We reflected on our recent journeys and heard from the prophet Isaiah that God is always with us through the deep waters, challenges, and graces that life embodies.

There was an opportunity for Healing Touch as the group supported each person with prayer, love, and blessings. Lunch was an occasion not only for tasty and nourishing food for the body, but also the soul as we continued to share. Wisdom and insight resumed as we viewed a DVD by Fr. Richard Rohr on The Eternal Now – and how to be there! We closed with a circle of love and prayer looking forward to our next reunion in April.


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