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Scheherazade – follow up

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What happens when delightful and talented 5th and 6th grade children come together to perform a play called “Scheherazade?” 

Reading the play



First the children are introduced to the context of the story, its geographical location, Ancient Persia. Second, they connect the biblical account of King Cyrus of Persia with the location of the story.


Cultural immersion




Third, the children discover an artistic style called Persian miniatures. Fourth, they listen to a musical interpretation of the story by Rimsky-Korsakov.




Learning the part in rehearsal





In the midst of this, the children select their parts, rehearse their lines, follow choreographed directions and clothe their character with creative clothing.





All of this plus playing games related to storytelling and the actual performance were contained in the McCabe Spring workshop: “Stories Do Make a Difference” (April 6 through 9, 2015 from 9 to noon daily).







Check out the McCabe Summer Schedule coming soon!







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