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Be rooted in him and built up in him, growing ever stronger in faith…  (Col. 2:7)

For example, in Deuteronomy (4:1, 5-9) the Israelites are asked to hear and observe God’s statutes and decrees that they may live.  This observance allowed them to enter and take possession of the land given to them by God.  The writer notes further: “For what great nation is there that has gods so close to it as the Lord our God is to us whenever we call upon Him?”  Later, in Matthew (5:17-18) Jesus tells His disciples He has not come to abolish the statutes and decrees but to fulfill them.  In fact He goes so far as to tell them their holiness must surpass that of the scribes and Pharisees who were, admittedly, the greatest interpreters of the law!

Here we have the same essence of law expressed in two ways.  The Old Testament writer tells us that observing the decrees of the Lord will bring us life.  The New Testament tells us to follow Jesus, the one who came to give us life, abundant life.  He, in Himself, personifies the supreme law of God.  Our “place” is in Him.  In our case, the “land” we will take possession of is ourselves.  In relationship with Him we can be assured of having that fullness of life.  Whether we live in Him or not is up to us.  May we be firmly rooted in Jesus so that we can give evidence of new life and growth as we continue our pilgrimage on earth.

Jesus, keep us firmly rooted in You!

Sister Mary E. Penrose


Sister Mary E. Penrose, OSB

Sister Mary E. Penrose is a Sister of St. Scholastica Monastery in Duluth, Minnesota. She edits readings for the liturgical Hours and writes reflections for the Community. And she is a tutor for the African Sisters attending The College of St. Scholastica. She was editor of a journal, Spirit & Life, for 18 years.


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