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Recently, I was struck by all of the questioning in the readings for the daily Mass. In a reading from the first book of Kings, the Queen of Sheba asked questions of King Solomon. It is said that “she came to test him with subtle questions” (1 Kings 10:1) and “questioned him on every subject in which she was interested” (1 Kings 10:3). And, in the Gospel, the disciples questioned Jesus about the parable he had shared with them (Mark 7:14-23).

Even the Blessed Mother asked questions. She questioned God’s actions in her life when she asked the angel Gabriel at the Annunciations, “How can this be?” (Luke 1:34). She wasn’t showing doubt but was seeking a greater understanding.

The aforementioned examples validate that it is healthy and wise to ask questions on our journey of faith. When we are vulnerable; admitting that we don’t have all the answers or that we may not understand, we grow. Asking questions doesn’t mean we don’t believe, or that we doubt our faith, but rather that we are hungry for a deeper understanding. It indicates a zealous search for the Truth.

So, keep those questions coming and remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question.

 “We do not need to be afraid of questions because they are the beginning of a path of knowledge and doing deeper. One who does not ask questions cannot profess either in knowledge or faith.”  – Pope Francis



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–Henri Nouwen