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Prayer Ministry to Athletes

We are happy to report that sports and the ministry of prayers and blessings for athletes at The College of St. Scholastica (CSS) is safely resuming. For the last ten years, Sister Lisa Maurer has been an advocate, coach, and prayer partner to all athletes at CSS. She was thrilled to be able to continue the athletic blessings just recently for men’s hockey and basketball. It’s a tradition that athletes look forward to before the start of each season as they join the Sisters in the Chapel for prayers, a blessing and to receive the Benedictine medal. The Sisters’ Chapel is still closed to the public because of Covid-19 precautions but Sister Lisa has been able to meet the athletes in a safe way to offer prayers and blessings before the start of their seasons.

 “It’s really about the mission and values of our Benedictine college, what it means to be upstanding young men and women, to grow into who and how God is calling them to be (and) to recognize that we’ve all been gifted and blessed,” she said. “CSS athletes have an awesome opportunity to get a great Catholic college education … plus they’re getting to play sports in college, and along with that comes responsibilities of character and being … a good role model,” said Sister Lisa Maurer.

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