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Mardi Gras Fun at the Monastery

The dining room was decorated New Orleans style, and on the tables were hats, masks, beads, and treats!  Thus began another evening of the annual celebration hosted by the Benedictine Health System whom our Community sponsors.  The real challenge came in deciding which pizza to choose as there were innumerable varieties—all of which are delectable and mouthwatering.  There were also various drinks, salads, and desserts.  Music, original and familiar, was provided by Lauren Burton.   It was another memorable Mardi Gras evening of sharing with old and new friends.

Thank you, BHS!

Flyer and Mardi Gras Accoutrements

BHS flyer and Mardi Gras Accoutrements

BHS servers and Sister Grace Marie

Janis Kivela Hooey and Rocky Chapin, BHS servers, recommend a pizza to Sister Grace Marie

Sister Lois and the line of BHS servers

Sister Lois (left) chatting with BHS servers (right forefront) Jennifer Way and Mary Schoenwald.

Lauren Burton,Sister Claudia Riehl, and Deb Castle

Singer-Musician Lauren Burton with Sister Claudia Riehl and BHS Deb Castle

The Benedictine Health System provides a Mardi Gras party each year to thank the Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery, who sponsor the BHS.

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